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Alright, people. Last time you heard from me, I was talking about the time when I worked in storage in Houston. This is now 4 years ago, but since I’ve decided to go through all my work history, it’s worth some attention. In my last text, I explained the process of me getting the job. How I ran into an old friend that helped me. This specific friend had done just that. Moved from Maine, where we grew up, and started working with storage in Houston. That’s quite a big difference, by the way. Not just weather-wise but also in terms of… everything. I’ll tell you more about that today.

OK, so how do you, in quite few words, summarize such a distinct period in your life? I was working with storage in Houston for 2 years and the lines were very sharp. What I mean is, I started the day after I moved there. Then I worked, with a storage company in Houston, constantly with almost no breaks. And then I quit. That’s my story. I think the best way to look back at, and sort of show appreciation, is to tell you about the best bits. So here we go:

The top reasons why I enjoyed living in Houston and working with storage

  1. The work itself

It fits me to use my body when I work. Not that I’m particularly strong but I feel like I just fall asleep when I’m still. Storage in Houston was great for that. Not to mention the great colleagues that I had. Some of them are still my best friends today.

  1. The weather

Sorry for sounding boring but my God what weather they have down there. I mean, yes, sometimes it was very hot of course. Especially during the summer. Most of the year though, working in storage in Houston was really great. It always felt so good once we quit and had plans on doing something after work. The warmth greeted us as we walked out of the gates, as if to say: You’ve earned this beer, people!

  1. Trying something different

Last but not least. I really want to raise a glass to getting out of your comfort zone. When I moved to Houston to work with storage, I did just that. I didn’t have high expectations on the job. I lacked knowledge about the city and the state. It was a toss-up, and it turned out well which it usually does. I love that feeling. Truly love it.

Need to run now though. Talk to you soon!

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